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Qabalah has been called the "Yoga of the West." Originally a Jewish mystical tradition, it has become an important part of the whole Western spiritual movement. The Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Magic and Mysticism are all interwoven into the complex system of the Qabalah.

Qabalah Meditation One: The Middle Pillar

This program guides you into a light trance, then leads you step by step through a variation on the classic middle pillar exercise as taught by Israel Regardie, using the more spare style of the New Hermetics, focusing on the energies and ideas rather than the Hebrew divine names. It is an enlightening and empowering experience, balancing you and invoking the light of the highest.

Qabalah Meditation Two: Rising Through the Sephiroth

In this program you will be guided into a light trance and then you will rise through each of the sephiroth, considering them more or less concentric spheres as in the related Neo-Platonic model of the universe. This will raise your consciousness progressively beyond conditioned reality, toward the divine and incomprehensible Ain Soph.

Qabala Meditation Three: The Body of God

In this program you will be guided into a light trance and then invoke all ten sephiroth, simultaneously connecting with the macrocosmic energies of the sephiroth while placing these energies into your own body. You will begin with Kether “The Crown” and work your way systematically down to Malkuth, “The Kingdom,” placing your consciousness in sympathetic resonance with the whole Tree of Life.

Qabalah Meditation Four: Tarot Pathworking

The Tarot offers a pictorial and archetypal method of exploring the paths of the Tree of Life. This is a fairly modern addition to the Qabalah, though many of the basic principles involved trace their way back to the ancient text Sepher Yetzirah. In this program you will be guided through a trance process of entering the gateway offered by the Tarot into the inner realms and there associated archetypal figures. This is an excellent tool for learning about the energies of these cards as well as their associations with astrology, magical symbolism and the mystical system of the magical Qabalah.

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Qabalah Meditations Collection

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