Geomancy Dice Ramal Shastra



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These two sets of four dice, connected by a central axle, are used in Geomancy, often in the Middle East and India for excellent results, sometimes called Ramal Shastra, Raml, or Ramal Astrology.

The dice are used to create the "four mothers" of a geomantic reading and pair perfectly with my Geomancy Kit to create an amazing Geomancy system.

Made of hardwood with a strong axle, these tools are designed to last a lifetime! Each set is made entirely by hand so there will be slight variations in design and appearance.

Only a limited number of these are available and they will sell out quickly. Introductory pricing is for this week only.

International orders will be sent a separate shipping invoice of $25.00.



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Geomancy Dice Ramal Shastra

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