Divine Archangels Inspiration Cards



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Discover the wisdom of the divine archangels. The Qabalah teaches that the angels and archangels guide humanity toward a return to the Light. This path takes us through many adventures in life. The oracle cards in this deck provide insight, guidance and inspiration. Whether you are looking to heal your troubles, seeking higher wisdom or looking to manifest your positive intentions in the world, the wisdom of the divine archangels is a sound guide. Along with the cards and instructions you receive a set of small stone tokens attuned to the energies of these archangels so you can keep their healing vibrations as a constant presence throughout your day. These cards were designed by metaphysical author and historian Jason Augustus Newcomb.

jumbo 3.5 x 5.5" cards

includes bag and 9 small angelic gems

angelic advice and inspiration

based upon Qabalistic teachings

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Divine Archangels Inspiration Cards

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