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Enochian Magick is arguably the most intriguing and potent form of ceremonial magick available today. Dr. John Dee, a prominent philosopher in the Elizabethan court, literally received this system of magick from angels through the scrying mediumship of Edward Kelly. This book offers a complete approach to conducting this magical system for the modern adept. It contains instructions in the practical use of all three major parts of the Enochian system: the Four Watchtowers, the Thirty Aethyrs and the Heptarchia Mystica. Rather than a mere rehash of Golden Dawn material this book offers an approach that honors both the innovations of the Golden Dawn and the essence of the original Dee materials in an un-dogmatic and nonsectarian format that is extremely accessible. Although this book is particularly designed for students of the New Hermetics, any practicing occultist interested in the Enochian system will find this book incredibly useful.

This book contains practical information on spirit communication that is useful for every form of magick.

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Practical Enochian Magick

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