Geomancy Reading Kit (Professional level)



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Geomancy is one of the oldest and most revered forms of divination, having been used all over the world for many centuries in Africa, the Middle East, India and all over Europe. In the last century it has become relatively obscure thanks to the ready availability of Tarot cards and other simpler oracles.

This amazing kit will make it easy for you to conduct professional level geomancy readings in an extremely short time due to the amazing design of the boards and cards.

There is literally nothing else like this in the world!

The set comes with two large 10" boards printed with the "Shield" lay out and the horoscope layout, with interpretation helps printed so that you can use the kit basically right out of the box.

Also included are 64 cards with the Geomantic symbols on one side and instructive descriptions of the meaning of the symbol on the back. These cards combined with the horoscope board create an amazing reading experience both for you and anyone else for whom you do readings.

Additionally you will receive complete instructions for several methods of providing geomancy readings for yourself and others.

This is a professional level set that will make it possible for even a beginner to conduct insightful readings using these wonderful tools. You will be amazed how Geomancy can be used to conduct really strong divination.

(International orders will have a separate shipping fee to be handled later of approximately $25, though this can cover multiple items.)



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Geomancy Reading Kit (Professional level)

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