Synergistic Meditative Flows- Full Guided Practice



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This program contains a thoroughly guided meditation through the practice of Synergistic Meditative Flows. It may be the most transformative meditation experience you will ever have. This a “next generation” New Hermetics practice designed to lead your consciousness toward enlightenment along three distinct pathways synergistically, as well as giving you a practical approach to systematically developing focus, bio-energetic power and visualization prowess.

This recording directs you step by step through a profound purification that will significantly alter your mood and make rapid changes in your physiology. Because of this, there may be a few sensations of bodily or psychological discomfort that come up as a part of this process in the beginning. These are simply physical and emotional toxins that are dislodging from your system. There is a significant amount of slow and deep breathing, so prepare yourself to use the entirety of your lungs in this practice. Allow yourself the opportunity to clear away these toxins as calmly as possible. Pure and radiant bliss is right on the other side.

You will be speaking aloud to describe inner visions during the final part of this practice so it is recommended that you have a personal recording device on hand.



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Synergistic Meditative Flows- Full Guided Practice

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