Synergistic Meditative Flows

There are many different meditation practices around the world, but they can basically be divided into three main categories: awareness practices, bio-energetic practices, and visionary practices. Synergistic Meditative Flows offers balanced spiritual development in all three categories, with each combining synergistically to support the others. This meditation practice is transcultural, not affiliated with any religion or society, though drawing on such diverse mystical sources as Taoism, Buddhism, Yoga, Sufism, and Qabalah. Literally anyone can benefit from this practice, from any background.

There are many side benefits to this practice: Increases focus and concentration, Places attention into the “now,” Increases energy levels and health, Increases relaxation and tranquility, Improves bodily awareness and vitality, Lowers blood pressure, Reduces tension, Improves visualization and inner imagery, Increases connection with inner wisdom, Increases creativity, Increases intelligence, Increases equanimity toward life’s challenges, and Increases bliss!

Elemental Spirit SMF 45 Minute Timer

SMF guided timing recording with Earth binaural tones.



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Synergistic Meditative Flows

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