Enochian Magick is the system of angelic communication received through the work of John Dee and Edward Kelly in the early Renaissance period. On this page you will find tools and recordings related to the practice of this system.

You may check out my book on the subject here:

Practical Enochian Magick

These recordings contain the Enochian Calls recorded with binaural beats in the background designed to induce a visionary state. I recorded these programs for my own use, and I use them almost every time I do Enochian work.

The recordings contain specially tuned frequencies of binaural sound that help to tune into the varying energies of these beings.

These recordings are not meant as a substitution for ritual or preliminary invocation. These recordings have been designed for use in solo rituals in which a single magical practitioner seeks to get into a visionary state after preliminary ceremonies and invocations. They only contain the calls or keys, with special binaural frequencies and tones related to the energies of the beings. The binaural sounds go on for about 45 minutes in total on each recording, more than enough for a very productive session.

To use these programs, start with the appropriate temple openings and preliminary rituals, as described in my “Practical Enochian Magick” or other Enochian texts. When you reach the point in the ritual where you would recite the calls, simply sit down and listen to the appropriate call recording.

Afterwards, you may repeat the name of the being you wish to commune with in a mantra-like manner, or else recite the following invocation formula (It’s easier to memorize than you might think):

ZACAR OD ZAMRAN EELS GAH (Being’s name) DO-OH-EE-AP (Hierarchical Superior) OD (Another hierarchical Superior) (etc) ZACARAY OD ZAMRAN EELS GAH (Being’s name)

"Zacar(e) od Zamran ils gah (angel’s name) Dooiap (hierarchical name) od (hierarchical name) [adding as many hierarchical names as necessary] Zacare od Zam-ran ils gah (angel’s name)"

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