Interactive Online New Hermetics Course

This is a brand new, interactive online class that will take you through all of the New Hermetics tools from level One to Six and more in a totally new and immersive format.

This course will take approximately 200 days to complete and can be subscribed to monthly by pressing the subscribe button off to the right, or by ordering the entire course below for a one-time payment. Just add it to the cart below and check out!

You can subscribe monthly for just $29.95 per month or a single payment of $149.95 for the whole course. This is an incredible price. I used to charge over $400 for an earlier version, and even that was a deal!

Once the course commences officially on July 15th the subscription rate will go up to $29.95 and $149.95 for those who didn't sign up early!

The course will consist of daily videos from me providing direction and insight into how to utilize the New Hermetics tools for your own personal growth, along with specific assignments in utilizing them for the most efficient transformation.

Additionally, supplementary tools from the Next Generation New Hermetics tools and the advancements in The Book of Magick Power will be integrated and offered as alternatives throughout the course. The structure of the course will correspond with the original course rather than the most newly revised, but will offer some benefits of the latter. Other parts of that course are now integrated into the 60 Day Adepthood Challenge.

Advanced students will also be provided (in the latter stages of the course) with practical ways of using many of the New Hermetics tools as interventions or healings with clients, patients, students or congregations.

If you already have all of my New Hermetics recordings then the subscription to (or one-time purchase of) the course is all you need!

If you do not have my recordings you will need to order the New Hermetics recordings as well as the Next Generation recordings in order to participate properly in the course. However, once you subscribe, you will be given a special code that will give 85% off all of the necessary recordings. This means you could purchase the entire levels one through six for less than one hundred dollars. This is the largest discount I have ever given on these recordings because I really want to make it as easy as possible for you to be a part of the course.

If you purchase the whole course at once utilizing the one-time purchase you will receive an even more substantial and superlative discount of 89% off of the recordings, which is way beyond any discount I have ever given!

Even though the course officially commences on July 15th, 2017, you will be able to join at any time and go at whatever pace you choose because the videos will be cataloged and housed remotely allowing you to begin when you want and go however fast or slow you prefer.

You will be able to interact with me directly any time, any day, and as students of the 60 Day Adepthood challenge can confirm I stay in pretty good touch with everybody. I will ask you to turn in certain assignments to me along the way and we will discuss them as necessary.

This is going to be an amazing way to work with you individually and get to know you better! (And vice versa!)

Once you have completed the course you will receive an official certificate of Advanced Adepthood in the New Hermetics, a certification as a New Hermetics Advanced Practitioner officially entitling you to use the New Hermetics for healing and empowering clients, and a certification entitling you to teach the New Hermetics to others under my supervision. These latter are entirely new certifications.

The course is going to be run on Facebook as it has an incredibly rich set of tools for connecting easily and instantly and involves no software or anything other than a free account. However, I know there are some people out there who have some idiosyncratic issues with Facebook and don't want to be on it. Don't despair! All you need is one friend, (me!) and you can use a pseudonym to start your account pretty easily. No one will ever know you have succumbed. You are going to love working with me in this medium because we will be so easily connected and communicating regularly. If you absolutely refuse to have a Facebook account under any circumstances then please don't sign up at this time. The course may be available in another platform someday in the distant future!

But assuming you are already on Facebook or are excited to be a part of this awesome new course, please sign up for the course today!

This is a very hands on course, involving exploration of yourself, written exercises, meditations, rituals and other practices that will awaken the latent spiritual powers within you, and expand your awareness dramatically.

It is a course that moves much more quickly and practically than any other esoteric course. You will be discovering your power immediately. it is an amazing course that those who have been in it are loving.

I normally charge between $100-150 per hour for private consultations and you are going to get to interact with me every day for an incredibly low price. I do this because I passionately believe in this material and want to help people get through it!

If you are interested in developing your inner resources and awakening yourself and your gifts, you have found the right place.


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Interactive Online New Hermetics Course

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