Level 1 New Hermetics Initiate

The New Hermetics is a cutting edge spiritual technology that systematically teaches the science of illumination and power. The New Hermetics is a synthesis of Western Esoteric Thought, Jungian Archetypes, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Vedantic and Taoist Philosophy, Reichian energy theories, the Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness, and Scientific Illuminism. With the New Hermetics audio programs you will quickly unlock the latent potential for excellence and power within you.

With 38 separate programs containing all the essential tools of the New Hermetics almost twenty hours of consciousness changing technology are available. These are split up into five different levels, each focusing on a different area of your awareness.

1. Initiate Level- Earth, mastery of behavior and visualization in the Šthyr

2. Zealot Level- Water, mastery of emotions, breathing and Šthyric energy

3. Practitioner Level- Air, mastery of mind, beliefs and projecting Šthyric energy

4. Philosopher Level- Fire, mastering creativity, values, directing Šthyric energy

5. Adept Level- Spirit, development of relationship with cosmic consciousness

It is highly recommended that you use these programs and levels in order, one at a time. Please download all of the programs from each level and use them in sequence. Free workbooks for approaching these recordings and free additional supplementary material can be found here.

Additionally, click here to find out more information about supervision and certification in these practices from experienced New Hermetics Adepts.


The focus in the Initiate level is your development in life, the actions necessary to develop your inner power, the reframing of the pain/pleasure principle, and the balancing of the four elements in your personality so that you have the greatest power of choice over your actions. You are introduced to the Šthyr through visualization, astral projection and communicating with your inner teacher, or inner sage. These programs are about getting the mind used to looking inward. They will teach you to enter the altered state of consciousness, and how to work in that state. These programs help you to refine your skills at visualizing and experiencing your internal world. They will also help you to organize your inner world into a functional inner temple for changing reality.

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Level 1 New Hermetics Initiate

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