Angelic Scrying Tools Bundle



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This package set contains just about everything you need to get started with the Angelic Visionary Magick.

* A Magical Circle Cloth of Your Choice (The Solomonic circle depicted is default)

* An Angelic Crystal Ball Scrying Stand

* A set of Key of Solomon Talismans that includes talismans for the Archangels, Intelligences and Spirits of the Planets

* A copy of my invocations book Dodekameron

also includes:

* All Archangel Audio Recordings

This set has a retail value of over $650. Great opportunity!

This set includes any one of my Circle Cloths, completely of your choice. Simply tell me which you want in the ordering instructions. If you do not include a choice, the one depicted will be sent.

(International orders will have a separate shipping fee to be handled later of approximately $25 or more, though this can cover multiple items.)



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Angelic Scrying Tools Bundle

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