New Hermetics

New Hermetics: a simple, step-by-step system combining meditation, NLP, the latest in neuro-science, hypnosis, brainwave synchronization, mystic and ancient symbolism, along with modern scientific models to make lasting changes that propel you toward the life you desire, and ultimately toward enlightenment.

Each recording will teach you a new technique for opening, examining, creating or transforming every part of your life with the power of your mind and consciousness along with embedded binaural sonic frequencies designed to produce a whole brain entrainment and synchronization to produce more coherent thinking, deeper thought and improved mental focus and performance.

All Level 1 NEW HERMETICS $249.95 $149.95 On Sale!
All Level 2 NEW HERMETICS RECORDINGS $239.95 $149.95 On Sale!
All Level 3 NEW HERMETICS RECORDINGS $239.95 $149.95 On Sale!
All Level 4 NEW HERMETICS RECORDINGS $239.95 $149.95 On Sale!
All Level 5 NEW HERMETICS RECORDINGS $179.95 $149.95 On Sale!
All Level 6 NEW HERMETICS RECORDINGS $179.95 $149.95 On Sale!
All NEW HERMETICS RECORDINGS $999.99 $599.99 On Sale!
New Hermetics Magick Circle $299.00 $199.00 On Sale!
New Hermetics Pendant (gold plated) $119.99 $69.99 On Sale!


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New Hermetics

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