Next Generation New Hermetics

These are the latest New Hermetics recordings offering some significant variations and improvements upon the New Hermetics techniques and practices.

These recordings introduce and establish specific tones, frequencies and musical voices that will give you precise and powerful access to magical states of consciousness in a new and dynamic way that is unique and revolutionary. After you listen to these recordings a few times you will start to experience automatic physiological, emotional and energetic shifts beginning to occur.

These programs are not meant to be replacements for the previous New Hermetics recordings. They offer alternate methods and advancements in practical application. These new recordings are as appropriate for the adept as for the novice, because they contain advancements that will be just as useful for both. Several Advanced Adept concepts have been incorporated into the very earliest recordings, in order to help manifest a more operative body of magi.

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Elemental Water Binaural Tones $19.99 $19.99 On Sale!


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Next Generation New Hermetics

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